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Kawaida's Journey is an ambitious mobile game, in which you experience the spirit of east african environment and culture. And it's an intercultural project! In building the game we work hand in hand with tanzanian artists and non-governmental organizations. So let us overcome cultural boundaries via the thing we all share passion for - games.


A small fishing village surrounded by palm trees in the south of Zanzibar. Kawaida, a young vervet monkey, wakes up after a strange dream in which he has encountered his family for the first time. Suddenly, everything has changed: "Where are they? And where do I come from?" Kawaida's curiosity is piqued! He jumps out of his den and right into his biggest adventure...


Some nice and epic concept art by our illustrator Jelena.



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    We are an intercultural team of Tanzanian and German artists who create an unique mobile game set in the East African environment. Our aim is to draw attention to Swahili culture and encourage cross-cultural communication and social development. To do so we combine Swahili references with great gameplay and storytelling.


    You will learn something and support local projects.
    Just by playing Kawaida's Journey.

    To create a social impact in the real world is one of our main targets! We work hand in hand with Tanzanian and German non-governmental organizations and support local projects in Tanzania. In the game you will find references to real world projects and background information. Our partner ensure the cultural claim and provide expertise for social and ecological contents. In addition all the game music will be produced by Tanzanian artists. A soundtrack compilation will be available via online music stores to support the local musicians. And we include Tanzanian and German youths in the game developing process as we conduct workshops.

    Support Kawaida's Journey - An Tanzania Game Project and let us together pursue new pathways in cross-cultural collaboration!

    Funded by nordmedia – Film- und Mediengesellschaft Niedersachsen/Bremen mbH.