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If you've enjoyed the unique art and design already and want to support the development of our indie game then please consider donating, even if it's just enough for a coffee!
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If you ever wanted a mug that your friends and colleagues will wonder where you got it from, you wanna buy a Kawaida’s Journey mug instead: You find a variety of mugs with our unique art work and if you like another design more - let us know and be the first to order it.


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If you like our designs get a T-Shirt to show our friends the unique art of Kawaida’s Journey. So they will hopefully give our game a try as well.


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Check out our Kawaida’s Journey art work store for other interesting products. If you can’t find what you like, E-Mail us and we try to get it in the real Kawaida design.



If you want to support us with a tax deductible donation (via the German Non-Profit-Organisation Kawaida e.V. , using the bank IBAN: DE68 4306 0967 2007 8606 00, Subject: Cultural Game/ Kawaida’s Journey, Your name and address for a receipt). (transaction cost: 0%)

We develop Kawaida’s Journey for you and people interested in art, culture, East Africa, sustainability and social impact (short: culturability & impact). If you are a student and are scarily far into your overdraft or just don't feel like donating then don't worry. Maybe you could tell a friend about Kawaida’s Journey instead. ☺

Asante sana, thank you!

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