Cultural Games
Based in Dassel, Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen), Germany

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October 13, 2015


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Ilmestraße 24
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Cultural Games is a German independent game studio. Cultural Games aims to bridge gaming and culture with persuasive impact games. Real world challenges are integrated into the gameplay. The Challenges can be solved in the virtual world. The player may take background information and ideas back into the real world – taking on the real challenges as part of a bigger cultural and sustainability sensitive community. With the approach of Cultural Games we are going to revolutionize the field of serious games and will open up new ways of intercultural exchange. Because it’s time to find innovative ways with the medium that is our absolute passion: Games!



Cultural Games is a young game development studio founded by the game designer and sociologist Kolja Bopp in 2015. The company kickstarted with “Kawaida's Journey - A Tanzania Game App”. Kolja united different amazing creators who believe in indie games which sensitizes for an intercultural togetherness and fairness. Cultural Games utilizes this approach to support sustainable projects, organizations and companies by opening a new channel of communication. The name symbolizes what Cultural Games stand for: We love games, we love cultures, we love impact.

Kawaida's Journey: Cute Jump and Run in Tanzania

„Kawaida’s Journey“ is a culturally ambitious mobile game focusing on Tanzania and the Swahili-Culture of East Africa. It conveys cultural knowledge in a positive way and simultaneously sensitizes for social and ecological topics (e.g. equal opportunities, renewable energy, resources and reforestation). The game takes you on a journey through Tanzania. Starting in a small fishing village surrounded by palm trees in the south of Zanzibar Island, Kawaida’s Journey leads you alongside the crowded city life of Stone Town and Dar Es Salaam up to the wide East African bush savanna. Jump and run past dangerous animals and obstacles, equipped with continuously improving skills and items, accompanied all the way by the bouncing beats of East African music. „Kawaida’s Journey“ is created as a collaborative project between Tanzanian and German software-developers, artists and non-profit organizations. „Kawaida’s Journey“ establishes playfully bridges between Europe and Africa free from simple prejudiced stigma, generalization of African cultures or classical development aid policy. The game encourages differentiated perceptions of the African continent. It inspires for intercultural understanding and, through the media of digital games, reaches out to new target audiences, motivating for a sustainable way of life (social impact). Gameplay features: Jump and run, climb trees, throw coconuts. + Additional level mechanics: Plant trees, fight fire, collect trash, repair pipes and many more… + 4 Chapters with different environments: Zanzibar Island, Stone Town, Dar Es Salaam and Serengeti. + More features: Boss fights, auto scroller and rail passages, game soundtrack, upgrade system, in-game shop, skins, cloud save, in-game encyclopedia, Swahili language phrases and much more... Our illustrations are inspired by the "Tinga-Tinga" art style – a style typical for East Africa. Furthermore the entire soundtrack is created by professional Tanzanian musicians and will be available for you to download!


As an passionate indie studio Cultural Games is looking for new partners and adventures for the years to come in the field of strains between games and inter-culturability.



Kawaida's Journey | GAMEPLAY TRAILER YouTube

Kawaida's Journey | THE PROJECT STORY YouTube

Kawaida's Journey | THE GAME IDEA YouTube


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There are far more images available for Cultural Games, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!

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Awards & Recognition

  • "FULL RELEASE Kawaida's Journey, Apple App Store and Google Play Store" - March 2020
  • "Booth at MAG game community convention, Erfurt" - October 2019
  • "Booth at Baltic DevDays games industry conference, Kiel" - September 2019
  • "Booth at MAG game community convention, Erfurt" - October 2018
  • "Booth at QUO VADIS game development and business conference, Berlin" - April 2018
  • "GDWC FINALIST serious games category: Game Development World Championship Helsinki (Finland) " - December 2016
  • "Indie Arena Booth at GAMESCOM Cologne" - August 2016
  • "'Team-Favorite' ("Projects we love") and 'Project of the day' for successful KICKSTARTER campaign" - January 2016
  • "Funded by nordmedia – Film- und Mediengesellschaft Niedersachsen/Bremen mbH" - January 2016

Selected Articles

  • "Kawaida’s Journey Mobile Game – Taking Swahili Culture to the World"
    - Incredible Dar Magazine (Dar Es Salam), incredibledar.com
  • "Afrika innovativ darstellen – Interview mit Game-Designer Kolja Bopp."
    - AFRICA POSITIVE 60, 2016, africa-positive.de
  • "Spiele-App-Entwicklung als deutsch-tansanisches Kooperationsprojekt"
    - HABARI-Magazin 02-2015, S. 72, tanzania-network.de

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